December 6, 2022

2023-02-13 | 18:11:04

"I have had the true pleasure of not only attending events entertained by Pam and her crew but also of having hired them for events as well as bartending events that they've worked. They are truly professionals that know how to set a mood for dinner, get the dance floor going and create wonderful memories set to music. I've even seen some of the DJs get out on the floor to teach some dance moves! I highly recommend this team for any event where music is an essential part of the celebration. I have recommended them often over the years and every single person has come back to me to express their satisfaction."
November 27, 2022

"It was so wonderful working with Pam and her team. She made out wedding day so wonderful. She helped plan the day and made it was wonderful. Pam and her assistant Hope did such a great job getting everyone involved at the wedding and the reception. I cannot thank her for all her assistance. She pays attention to all the details and made the day wonderful. I would recommend her and her team to anyone. Thanks for everything Moore Music!!!!!"
November 7, 2022

2023-02-13 | 18:11:03

"We had celebrated my daughter's 5th birthday this past Saturday. Sam and Hope were amazing, and everyone had a great time. The kids especially enjoyed the limbo and games of duck duck goose, as well as hula hoops."
October 16, 2022

"As someone who has never had experience hiring a dj service I looked to google for help. I came across many websites of large and private dj company’s all of which seemed too expensive and I didn’t know what I should be looking for as a first timer. I contacted many and the big ones made me feel like I was just another dollar in their wallet and some of the independent djs seemed a little inexperienced. We didn’t have a budget but I also didn’t want to feel taken advantage of. Then, I came across Moore Music. I emailed Pam, the owner, expecting the same result as the others- oh.. no budget max, let’s do all the works etc. She responded quickly with a kind and friendly approach and I was immediately impressed. She set up a consultation for my now husband and I and it exceeded our expectations. She spent two hours going over every detail of what our day could look like and made me feel excited yet comfortable. But enough about the before… let’s get to how she actually did at the wedding because honestly that’s what actually matters. SHE KILLED IT! She decorated her booth to fit our vibe, she was dressed to the nine, and delivered all night perfection over and over again. She even got out on the dance floor and taught us all some moves! My guests loved her and I am still getting texts about how fun and awesome our music and DJ were. Pam is kind, patient, communicative, and honest- and I couldn’t have asked for more. Pam and hope, her assistant, went above and beyond for my husband and I - had breath mints on hand, read the crowd, gave my parents cds of our meaningful songs, and listen and delivered everything we asked her. I would recommend her. 1000x over again. Thank you Pam and Moore Music for giving us the perfect day!"
October 14, 2022

2023-02-13 | 18:11:00

"I can’t thank Pam enough!! She was so easy to work with and we had a great surprise party for my husband’s 60th birthday! He was so surprised and DJs Sam and Hope were awesome keeping the party going with amazing music!! It was so much fun!!"