January 19, 2018

"We were 100% satisfied with the service and music !! I would recommend Pam's company to anyone and her daughter was terrific in music selection and interacting with the guests (which were all ages) ."
December 4, 2017

Jessica Willmott

"Pam and Ed were AMAZING to work with and did an outstanding job at our recent fundraiser! The music never stopped and neither did the dancing! If a lull ever started, Pam made sure to get out there and keep everyone moving! I will never use another DJ other than Moore Music!!!"
December 4, 2017

Hannah’s Heart and Love

"Moore music is a great DJ company. We will definitely be using them for our future events."
December 4, 2017

Michael Gemma

"There are some people who do a job just for the sake of, well, doing the job and getting paid. And then there is Pam. Let me just say this -- she takes DJing, party planning, etc. to a whole new level. She is passionate about what she does and trains her assistants to be the same way. Not only is she receptive and attentive to the utmost last detail, but she also goes above and beyond the call of duty to make the wedding, party, school dance, etc., one of the best festive experiences you will ever experience. Kudos to Pam and everyone at Moore Music. I could not recommend them more highly."
September 19, 2017

Kara and Dave

"A very good friend recommended Pam and we are so glad we went with her services. Chris was the DJ at our wedding and he was so great to deal with. Pam was always there for us even though she could not attend the wedding. She was always a phone call or email away and no matter what time it was she would get back to us. The music was great and there were always people on the dance floor. It was truly the best day ever and their services just made it that much more special."